Clayton Nolte talks about structured water

Clayton Nolte talks about structured water

This is the story of a man who wanted to make a difference. 

Mr. Clayton Nolte works for 40 years in research and development for the US government developing new technologies and engineering systems. Inspired by nature, one day he set out on a quest determined to discover a way of delivering to all humans the finest water quality as healthy as nature originally intended after years. 

Vortexing and studying water properties around the world he finally discovered the truth about its original purity. Vortexting and mountain streams. Vortexting is the physical tumbling action that spins in opposite directions like fresh spring water spinning and bouncing off rocks. the principles of structured water had been revealed the Vortex movement structures the water with the most incredible life force properties and causes it to be filled with much more oxygen fueled with more so Photonic energy highly absorbable  making it super hydrating. wiped clean of all previous toxic memory, modified at a molecular level into a beautiful crystal structure neutralizing all toxic elements in the process.based on that observation Clayton spent years engineer ring a revolutionary device to mimic the natural for texting movement and reactivate all those natural health properties. This remarkable natural action technologies device is easily installed in any home and comes in a portable version as well. the effects to the human body are simply extraordinary high level of hydration increasing muscle tissue flexibility superior endurance and quicker recovery re-balanced energy with earth charged ions dramatically reduced headaches body stress and pains eliminated skin itchiness from chlorinated water improve digestion and bowel movements sharper of mental focus and many many more health benefits even better by affecting the very structure of the water toxins are instantly neutralized making them harmless as a result travelers can actually use that technology in places like Bali Thailand or anywhere else turning notoriously harmful tapwater into a super healthy drinking water so Clayton’s quest had come to an end he had found the holy Grail of water and thought he could rest. But that is only the beginning for now he has vowed to share this discovery with all mankind before his time is up today you are the next step toward spreading the love around you with the most essential element of our life. ement of our life

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