All living organisms contain structured water. Water regains its natural self-purification capacity. It better hydrates the organisms. It transmits to plants, animals and humans a vigor that only some spring waters still possess. It is easily assimilated by plant and animal cells, which then have more energy for their growth and their natural defenses.

Overall, structured water in animals, in farms for example, manifests itself in better health. Animals easily assimilate water, cattle, pigs or poultry report more vitality. They are more fertile and are in a better state of health (digestion, immune system, growth, etc.).

If you offer your pet two bowls of water, one with structured water and one with tap water, naturally he will drink structured water.




How is structured water good for animals? In all!

Several studies show that as water moves and rotates, it reorganizes and restructures to create a new electrical charge that restores beneficial negative hydrogen ions (H-) for maximum uptake by plants and animals.

  • Improves the health of animals, which are more playful and less stressed.
  • There is a lower death rate among cattle.
  • Up to 30% reduction in water requirements is observed.
  • The absorption of nutrients is increased.
  • Infections and illnesses are less common.
  • Animals absorb water more easily.
  • Cattle consume less water as their hydration increases.
  • Cattle and poultry are healthier and the use of antibiotics and steroids is virtually eliminated.
  • Organically raised, faster growth, bigger poultry, lower mortality rate, less feed used!
  • Better health than poultry from other breeding house.
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