There are many advantages to using the water structuring unit that balances water in the same way as Mother Nature. It was designed to geometrically structure water so that living things can use it anywhere in the world. No matter where you are while camping, you will always have structured drinking water close at hand. Peace of mind, no need to worry about buying bottled water that takes up space in refrigerators, coolers, chests. In addition, you participate in the ecology of the planet by eliminating water bottles.

Structured water

Water structuring unit is a technology for water treatment that uses nature’s own methods, producing cleaner and tastier water without the use of chemicals, filters, salts, d electricity or complex metal alloys, and which does not require maintenance.

This technology uses an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomenon using the dynamic characteristic of water itself to create naturally acting structured water, which functions at the molecular level activating and maintaining the health benefits of the water, minerals and characteristics. Suspended solids, contaminants and excess sediment are dynamically isolated or removed.

The specially tuned geometry of the unit creates an energetic environment for the water to structure. This gives the water a lower surface tension and better moisturizing properties, which can help both external and internal environment.

The structured water unit maintains the pH between 7.0-7.5, the balanced potential hydrogen for long healthy life, to ensure you always have balanced and potable water when traveling.



Water structuring unit

The structuring process uses the movement of flowing water as a source of energy in the unit. The water is moved against specifically placed geometric shapes that simultaneously swirl it in two opposite directions, multiple times. The vortices allow the water to structure itself. Water is the only moving part of the system.

Water that tastes better, balanced water, maximum absorption through your body’s cell membranes, and the greatest health benefits. Plus, you can enjoy structured shower water that is gentle on your skin and hair.

Motorhome unit

There is a water structuring unit for a recreational vehicle (Motorhome), which is called a standard size unit for Motorhome (RV). This unit is installed on the water line with a standard garden hose coupling; one side attaches to the water inlet hose of your RV and the other to the campground water terminal. It is simple and easy to obtain structured drinking water.

You will have good drinking, oxygenated and structured water everywhere in your RV; in all the plumbing, through your water heater, your ice machine, the dishwasher (luxury RV), the toilets, the shower, the bath, all the sinks.

For those who love camping with a tent, you can use the portable water structuring unit which can be taken with you anywhere so that you can always get structured, drinkable and balanced water.

Structured water units have a maintenance-free design, providing the peace of mind that your investment will not be followed by ongoing monthly costs or harmful practices for the environment. Natural Action Technologies’ (NAT) 10 year warranty covers manufacturing defects or quality issues. It also comes with a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee from the date of delivery. (See more details in the warranty section)


In addition, the structured water ends up in your gray water and brown water tanks, creating the return of good structured water that has the potential to improve odor and tank cleanliness without additions of? chemicals sold in the market.

The water structuring unit removes excess minerals and suspended gases. It prevents and eliminates corrosion and increases the life of pipes, hoses, tanks, faucets, sinks, showers, etc.

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