The water present in plants, fruits and vegetables, just like the water in mountain streams, is structured water. Several research shows that when water is moving and rotating, it reorganizes at the molecular level and restructures to create a new electrical charge that restores the beneficial negative hydrogen ions (H-), for maximum absorption by the humans, plants and animals. Structured water increases the nutritional value of plants and helps them ripen faster. Thanks to structured water, the toxic effects on water and soil are considerably reduced.

The result will be healthier plants and less standing water. Ultimately, your garden will need less watering – 10 to 50 percent less, depending on individual soil conditions. The unit can be easily transferred from one garden outlet to another.

If the levels of calcium, magnesium, and sodium, as well as chlorides, sulfates, and bicarbonates – in groups or individually – are too high, plant growth can be affected. High levels can even cause plants to dry out or poor growth. We often blame this on the poor structure of the soil.

Some bacteria are encouraged by the increase in available hydrogen peroxide and compete with anaerobic bacteria, which results in better root formation and overall growth. Anaerobic pathogens, which are toxic to the plant, are reduced. Healthy plants produce their own natural pesticides which further minimize harmful invaders from insects and microbes, especially through symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal networks.

Well, once you start using it on your garden, be prepared to always use it. Plants will demand it.




  • Vigorous growth of plants and garden.
  • Cut flowers last longer
  • Healthier landscape – greener lawns, more vibrant trees and shrubs.
  • Improved crop growth with increased biomass (27% to 40%)
  • Healthier domestic plants
  • Reduces the amount of water required (up to 50%)


  • The super hydration provided by structured water reduces watering requirements by 30% to 50%.
  • Less fertilizer is needed on gardens, houseplants, crops and trees
  • Eliminates polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive by-products
  • Less fertilizer required.
  • Increases the longevity of all systems that use water
  • Eliminates existing calcium and aragonite deposits in pipes, water heaters and faucets.


  • Improved ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures
  • Eliminates corrosion and increases the life of pipes, water heaters, dishwashers, swamp coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc.
  • It removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits.
  • Improves aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems, reducing anaerobic bacteria
  • Slows the growth of algae in ponds and aquariums
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