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Indoor Swimming pool

An indoor pool with the water structuring unit allows you to bathe in crystal clear water without chlorine, salt or any other chemical additions. Just natural, clear, clean, soft, energized, hydrating and well-balanced water. No treatment required.

An outdoor pool with the water structuring unit will reduce the need for chemicals and this will depend on your pool circulation. In our experience, a reduction of chlorine of 50 to 75%, it all depends on the climate of the region and the type of pool.

Structured water significantly increases the stable oxygen and biophoton content of swimming pool water, thereby increasing aerobic bacteria (good bacteria) and decreasing anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria). When you are in your pool you will feel very energetic and only what is good for you will enter your cells.

What is really unique about this technologically advanced structured server system is that it is guaranteed for 3 months for your complete satisfaction. Normal pool maintenance is required, cleaning up any external residue that falls into the pool, such as leaves and insects, and the sweeper as needed.

This unit does not require any servicing, adjustment, electricity, maintenance, exchangeable parts, rechargeable parts or the like.

The water structuring unit for the swimming pool is installed in line at the outlet of the filter. This allows constant circulation through the water structuring unit. The unit used is the commercial.



Water quality

You benefit from high quality water, soft, oxygenated and completely natural as it was originally. Toxins and bacteria are neutralized. Structured water creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria and algae because it is rich in oxygen. Even if you add a chemical (salt, chlorine or others) to an outdoor swimming pool, the added products will be neutralized and harmless to the body and health. The Structured Water Unit structures everything in the water. Therefore, through structuring, not only is the water changed, but the materials it contains go through an electrochemical realignment. This is similar to the prospect of a piece of coal and a diamond having identical properties, the only difference is the structure. Then the products become harmless to health.

The structuring process increases the natural biophotonic energies of the water, while simultaneously reducing the surface tension of the water molecules (smaller water molecules), making the water luxuriously soft.

The pH and total alkalinity readings remain within the ideal ranges of a pH between 7.0-7.5 and high in hydrogen ions which are naturally characteristic of structured water.

The structuring process of water transforms calcium and other hard minerals, dissolving them in solution, preventing adhesion to hard surfaces and reducing scaling. The equipment, the coating of the swimming pool and the surfaces will be preserved against any damage due to an ideal pH level. The metal associated with your pool (ladders, rails, pumps, filter, valves, etc.), the waterline and accessories will not be affected by corrosion, scaling or calcium build-up.

Structured water neutralizes TDS which is the measure of the sum of all the substances dissolved in your pool water. Freshwater pools should have a maximum TDS value of around 1500 to 2000 ppm. For example, drinking water may have a maximum TDS value of 500 ppm according to the EPA (public administrative institution).

The water structuring units have a 10 years warranty from Natural Action Technologies (NAT) which covers manufacturing defects or quality issues. They also come with a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee from the date of delivery. (See details in warranty section)

The health benefits

A structured water pool acts like a hydrotherapy treatment. Depending on the temperature, you purify, tone and relieve your body.

Structured water is a source of negative ions which are odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules. These negative ions feed our cells directly with vital energy. You feel refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated when you drink or bathe in structured water, the same sensation you experience in nature, on a walk in the forest, on the beach, in a waterfall, etc.

Once negative ions reach our bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost our daytime energy. A structured water pool provides silky soft skin and hair, which benefits bathers.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pool experiences

Indoor pool:
  • No need to add any product
  • Keeps clear and clean
  • Does not emit any odor
  • The pH is always maintained
Outdoor swimming pool:
  • Delivers shiny, silky, energizing, balanced, clear and clean water that requires less dosage than any other water treatment.
  • May require the addition of chlorine as the sun, leaves, temperature variation, region, type of pool and pollution influence the quality of the water.
  • You are immune to structured water even if you used the chemicals.
  • Requires unit winterizing for the cold season.
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